Hi all – My name is Herb Fuller and I just thought I’d tell you a little bit about myself.

I was a State Department brat. My father worked for USAID and I grew up overseas in Iran (Persia back then), Haiti, Nicaragua,and Peru.

I think this gave me a bit of a different perspective or world view than other American kids my age.

I went to University in Kentucky.

I then went into the Air Force serving as Minuteman III CDB Combat Crew Commander, AFOSI Executive Officer and then Command Post Controller (one of the first ever non-rated officers to do so).

After serving for 6 years, 11 months, 9 days and….well – if you’ve been there you know what I mean…I decided to take my Honorable Discharge and Exuent stage right.

Yes, it’s true…I was bitten by the theater bug back in my university days. I am now a veteran of 40+ years of stage and screen.

I don’t perform much these days BUT I have no doubt that when George Clooney hears (If he hasn’t already) that I am slowing down he will breath a HUGE SIGH of relief.

After all – I am well known to people around the world as a significant TRIPLE THREAT – as in – CAN”T sing CAN’T dance CAN’T act…well…maybe I can act a little…

In addition to my career in theater I have knocked around the professional world a bit. I have been an MCSE, a Senior Database Technician, an Executive Bandwidth Coordinator and various other tech related stuff.

I do currently work full time although Tissa has convinced me that this phenomenal tool he has developed will go a long way towards helping me to grow my far flung empire.

After taking a close look at it I am convinced that literally anybody who needs to market their product or service (either online or offline) can benefit in a huge way by using the Blog This – WOW! Social Media Marketing System.

I am going to use Tissa’s Blog This – WOW! system to develop as an affiliate marketer and perhaps even offer my video creation services as time allows.

If you haven’t already seen a demo and would like to click here

I am looking forward to this new adventure and maybe even meet some of you at least online or possibly even some event down the road..

Break A Leg!


circa 1986

circa 2004 Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare. Cast as Sir Toby Belch.
Favorite line: ”Dost thou think, because thou art virtuous, there shall be no more cakes and ale?”

Island off the coast of Honduras called Utila – A whaleshark scientific research station. I took this pic myself with a disposable 35mm underwater camera. Fun times!