1rst snow in years

Slice of life…

Many of you know I have been working as a driver for one of Amazon’s many DSP’s (Delivery Service Partner’s). I’ve been doing this about a year and half.

It’s a different mindset from when I was a Sr Database Technician for Hughes Network Systems –

This is the first real snow in this area in years (that I recall anyway).

It was a real chore getting here early and getting the vans scraped off and warmed up.

Sure hope nobody slides off the road.

On the way here I already saw one Prime van stalled. A different DSP and each one of us has their own methods for handling breakdowns or other roadside problems. So I let it go and came on in.

In Haymarket today. 133 stops, 166 packages. Not my usual route but they refuse to send even me to Warrenton.

Anyway, here we are waiting to get loaded up.

1rst snow in years

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